Disney is coming to Decenturion

Yes, you have understood everything right way, if Disney is going to the Second Congress of citizens Decenturion, then this is not a joke. However, here I should make a short addition and explain that I don’t mean that Walt Disney himself was resurrected.

In fact, on September 13, not Walt will arrive in Moscow, but Helen Disney, which is famous in the circles of users of cryptocurrency not less than famous animator.

In short, Helen Disney is the founder of the Unblocked project.

That’s what Disney herself writes about this project in the pages of the popular edition Medium:

“…The aim of Unblocked Events is to make Blockchain and distributed ledger technology accessible for a non-technical business audience. We arrange regular blockchain events focused on industry verticals including healthcare, energy, the creative industries, and the voluntary and public sectors. We intend our events to be inclusive and accessible to all, whether you are a complete beginner or an entrepreneur showcasing what you are building. I believe the developments going on in this space can help us fix a wide range of entrenched social and business problems that will enrich society in many ways and I am passionate about helping people build the companies and non-profit organizations of tomorrow…”

And here’s what Helen Disney says about herself in an interview with Financedisrupted:

I became interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology around three years ago when I began working on a major European conference project for the Bitcoin Foundation. At that time, very few people outside the tech world knew much about this topic, including myself. As I started reading and learning I rapidly became interested not just in the potential of Bitcoin to transform how we use money but also in the transformative and innovation application of blockchain to other sectors like healthcare, energy, music and government services, to name just a few. I have now founded a company called Unblocked, which runs events to inform, train and educate executives on how these technologies can be harnessed to transform their businesses and their lives.

I hope that now you have a complete picture of one of the guests and participants of the Second Congress of Decenturion citizens.

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