Where are my subscribers?

This question was asked me yesterday in a chat in Telegram. I answered it, but today I want to continue the conversation on this topic. I am sure that many of my readers asked this question, but they did not always find the right answer.

We are used to consulting search engines first. But if you make a request “where to find subscribers”, for example in Google, then you will get a lot of recommendations.

Unfortunately, not all of them they will suit you. Most automatic services and programs use regular spam in their work. Other ways may seem to you too complicated or not entirely legal.

I can give only two tips on this topic – write interesting and be patient.

If it is difficult for you to write abstractly, then just imagine your friend who has just started to be interested in crypto currency, bitcoin and all other concepts from this series. Try to share with him the most important and most useful information. Be patient in your explanations and do not miss the questions and comments of readers.

Gradually, you will have your own readership, which, in the end, will be for you the most important and the best.

And of course – be yourself a good reader and commentator, find other blogs interesting moments and comment on them. Most likely, those who you comment on are also your potential subscribers.

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