Today I want to talk about another important topic. This question, in one form or another, also often arises in minds of many users, including myself. But unlike the others, I know the exact answer to it.

In short, the question is: “Is it right to work in many crypto social networks at the same time or it is better to concentrate all my efforts on just one?”

Well, my dear readers, I know one girl who works only at Steemit and earns from 3000 to 6000 thousand STEEM monthly. It’s just fine and I even envy her sometimes.

On the other hand, I’m absolutely sure that by this time I would have earned more, especially since I had joined Steemit earlier and helped this girl, answering her questions.

Why did not I just stay in the crypto social network Steemit and did not develop my success? Good question, isn’t it?

The answer is simple and it consists of one word only – diversification. All those who work today on the cryptocurrency market perfectly understand what I’m talking about.

The fact is that this market is extremely unstable. Perhaps it will stabilize in the future, but today the probability of this is practically zero. And if we talk about the same coin STEEM, then I remember very well the time when its cost was 0.16$, and was approaching 7$.

At the same time, it happens that some projects stop working or change conditions. Let’s not forget that some of them are either in alpha or in beta. By the way, Steemit, apparently for almost three years of existence, is still in Beta. Remember this.

And all these alpha and beta versions tell us only about the fact that the rules of the game can be changed anytime. Therefore, stability can only be obtained in one way. And this method is called – diversification, that is, the distribution of efforts and investments (financial and labor).

That’s why I prefer to work in many crypto social networks. In addition, in the period of their formation, it is much easier to earn basic capital. This is what I do myself and recommend to do all my followers.


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