Very interesting news was published recently at the official information channel of the Decenturion blockchain-state in Telegram. And I certainly hasten to share this news with you, dear readers.

At first I wanted to retell everything in my own words, but then changed my mind, because there is a possibility that I might miss something. Therefore, I convey all the main points exactly in the form in which they were published.

“…The post of Senator will be assigned to large investors and governmental authorities. As of now only 100 Senate positions are available. The first senators will be inaugurated at the Second Congress of Decenturion Citizens in Moscow.

September 7th, 2018 — The Decenturion State, using decentralized technologies in the economy, lawmaking and social sphere, introduces special status of a Senator, which will be assigned to the citizens for significant contribution to economy or public administration.

To obtain Senator position, a citizen has to invest 100 DCNT Liquid tokens in the economy of the state or work continuously as minister in one of the ministries for at least 12 months.

Senator position assignment includes:
• Presentation of a special handmade brooches of white gold with black and white diamonds;
• Lisiting as a Senator on Decenturion website, including person’s name and link to the personal page (landing page);
• Accrual of 100 DCNT Liquid tokens;
• Assignment of the multiplier x100 to all three components: money, power, fame (subject to a non-reducible balance on the account balance of 100 DCNT Liquid);
• Free delivery of the passport with the Senator stamp;
• Securing the status of Senator in the account.

In addition to that, Decenturion Senators will be able:
• To participate in ministry meetings which are held twice a month;
• To attend special events available only for Senators;
• To get the maximum amount of technical support available exclusively to the holders of this status.

In addition to the above Senators will receive the following quotas:
• 5% for participation in all special events;
• 5% of residential and office space for purchase in the ownership or lease at minimum rates on the territory of the state.
And the most significant part: citizens with the status of Senator will be able to purchase shares in state enterprises, including companies that support the work of ministries, as well as the right to join shareholders.

The amount of investment in the economy of Decenturion necessary to obtain the position is $ 200,000 in BTC or ETH in September 2018 and will further increase by $ 50,000 per month.

Gala inauguration of the first Senators will take place at the Second Congress of Decenturion citizens in Moscow on September 13th, 2018. On the eve of the presentation, the Board of Directors of Decenturion will meet for the first time with the participation of the State Senators…”

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