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Today I have very important and positive news for all those users who are seriously interested in crypto networking and can call themselves cryptonetworkers.

The fact is that today I want to give you a tool that can be an excellent indicator of all your work.

This tool is called TOP100 of Crypto Networks and is located at and many of you are aware of this.

Recently, with this list, just a gigantic job has been done and it has become much more useful and convenient to use.

First, now you can not only see all the crypto social networks (or projects approaching in essence to them), but also to find out what the project coin is called.

Secondly, now you can see which of these coins are already registered on the main for all of us website – CoinCapMarket.

Third, now you can just copy this list to your notepad page and save it to your computer’s desktop. And then, every month (year or week) enter there the number of coins that you have on each account, in each crypto social network.

You should agree, that it is very convenient and this approach very accurately gives you an idea of ​​what results you have achieved, working in each of the projects.

Especially for those who are just starting (or planning to start) their way in crypto networking, I want to remind you about the existence of the Open University of crypto social networks, where a lot of useful information is collected.

And now, dear readers, I can only wish you good luck in your work and soon become real whales in the crypto social ocean.


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