SocialChains at my PR laboratory

According to my plan, every third day on the website we have a review of the crypto social network. Today we will look more closely at the SocialChains project, which is already added to the TOP100 main list.

To begin with, let’s look at a description that reads: “… is a decentralized social media platform of verified users that puts an end to the massive fakeness existed in the current social networks. The platform respects and awards users for their time by offering tokens, points and a share in platform profits based on the level of user activity… ” Sounds well dear readers, doesn’t it?

If all social networks treated this way to their users, then we would not have such crooks as Mark Zuckerberg.

If we talk about the functional of the project, then there are all the necessary elements of the crypto social network. And immediately after filling in your profile you will be able to get the first SOCT tokens, they are used in this project.

I’m not sure that there are referral links on this site, although you can try to register with this one and we also check whether this method works. But in general the referral system is available here, since there is a module of personal invitations of friends and relatives via e-mail with the ready text.

At the moment I have not found in the functionality any boosters and upgrades, and also did not understand how the system of curatorship works. But most likely, all this elements will work here in the usual way, as in all other projects.

I liked and I think you will also start working with this crypto social network in the very near future. Good luck in work!

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