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A little bit later I will explain the strange name of this post. But first of all I would like to answer the most important and most FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) of all crypto-enthusiasts, which reads: “Why do not tokens grow in their value?”

My answer is simple. This is because we ourselves do not inform people, other internet users about cryptocurrency, about convenience and prospects, about anonymity and decentralization, about technologies and the further development of society.

This is for us cryptocurrency is an absolutely customary business, but I have a student who (I do not understand why) is learning English, which does not know what e-mail is. And when I asked him to give me his email address, he gave the address of his physical residence, and then for a long time could not understand what I wanted from him.

I agree with you, dear readers, it is very difficult to spread information about cryptocurrency. No need to go far – there are even crypto social networks, whose owners (complete idiots, in my opinion) forbid to give links to other sources. These crazy schoolchildren apparently do not understand what internet was created for and they ban other users who share useful information. I do not want to name these projects and advertise them, but you definitely will not see them in my main list of crypto networks, since they are not a crypto social networks, but a private tie-ups of introverted geeks.

On the other hand, nobody prevents us from using officially authorized and promoted tools, such as groups in social networks. Especially for your convenience, I had not only created them, but also made a list of such groups and indicated the number of participants in them.

These groups are created in both cryptocurrency and traditional social networks. And the total number of participants in them exceeds already 50 thousand users. In these groups, you can not only share information with experienced or novice users, but also post your referral links. Here you will never be banned, but for your explanations people will be only thankful to you.

Remember this address and save it in your Favorites. This is the place on the internet where you will always be welcome. Invite your friends, here they will find all the necessary and up-to-date information on any subject.

The number of groups and participants in them will constantly grow in the future, and the list itself will be carefully moderated and updated constantly.

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