Cryptofreelance is not a new word, it consists of two others that we are very well familiar with. Why then invent a new one, is there any sense in this? This is an interesting question and today I will answer it.

The fact is that in the crypto world, there are two types of freelancing – traditional freelancing (performing common tasks) and bounty-freelancing (performing ICO bounty tasks).

If you take a close look at the main list of crypto social networks on the website (I do not want to give you a link, you will find it using a banner), then you will easily find both kinds of projects.

The fact is that inherently, they are also crypto social networks. I have already written about some of them in my reviews,and I will write about others in the near future.

Traditional cryptofreelance websites include projects such as
Fiverr, Laborcrypto, Blocklancer and others. Bounty-freelance presents such projects as Bountyhunters, Dropthebomb, Earn and several others.

I intentionally remind you, dear readers, about the existence of all these websites so that you will not be discouraged in those days when you are not satisfied with the course of the crypto currency, but are engaged in useful business, earning cryptocurrency for your further investments.

Believe me, if you are always busy with something useful, then you simply will not have time to get upset. And by the time your tokens grow in price, you will feel even more confident.

Also, let’s not forget about the best projects for earning crypto currency (the banner is also on the site) and then your cryptofreelance will be an excellent source for accumulating financial resources and for solving the issue with your own employment.

List of projects

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  1. “Also, let’s not forget about the best projects for earning crypto currency (the banner is also on the site) ”

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