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Recently a very interesting project called Spheroiduniverse was added to the main list of TOP100 crypto social networks on the Levelnaut.com website. Today I will tell you a little bit more about it and you will understand why it was added.

Spheroid Universe (Spheroid Universe) is a social network of objects of augmented reality, loaded into the virtual reality of the digital Earth. The network is decentralized. And this means that every segment of the Spheroid (the site is called “space”) will have its owner. Buy a space (size 50h50 m) directly directly on the project site for an initial price of 5$.

Users of Spheroid Universe can create and play in the virtual reality objects of creativity and self-expression, interact with them, evaluate them, communicate with each other, leave messages and their traces of being in this new world.

They can create their own worlds, unite them into communities, fill them with important and interesting content, invite their friends, play, get acquainted and entertain.

You can, for example, upload an object to the Spheroid Universe Virtual and Augmented Reality Network. Find there on the map your city, specify your online store or office and upload your Dragon there.

After that just send the link to friends and relatives, So that they can see your Dragon in 2 clicks and take a picture with him.

Once your friend has created an account and sends his bonus code to this Telegram @spheroiduniverseio group, he will receive $ 100 in spheroid tokens (1000 SPH), and you will receive $ 25 in spheroid tokens (250 SPH) for the invitation.

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