Real Madhouse

I am often asked the question: “How do you manage to work daily with such a huge number of crypto social networks?” If we consider that the number of projects today is already approaching the figure of 300, then this is really difficult.

But in fact, every day I work far from all projects, but only with a few dozen. Having strict organization of the working day and necessary experience, this approach to work is absolutely real.

On the other hand, today I will tell you about a very interesting place in which even I do not risk staying for a long time, because there you can very quickly go crazy.

Thus, dear readers, remember the place where the real madhouse is. If you go to the website, then almost at the very bottom you will see a banner with the inscription “Contacts of crypto social networks”. If you add all these contacts to yourself in Telegram, you will easily get to the place, which is indicated in the title of the article.

And if you try to follow absolutely all the messages that appear there, you’ll get into the madhouse very quickly, since an ordinary person can not do this task.

Nevertheless, exactly there is all the most relevant, all the most recent and necessary information. This is the heart, brain and nerves of crypto social networks. It is here that the most interesting and important things happen.

To my great regret, not all crypto networks even from the TOP100 list have their own groups in Telegram. For example, until now I have not found groups even those who are included in the monthly TOP10. Still I can not find groups of such projects as Minds, Dream-Real, Mpoom and some others. I really hope for your help. Look, please, in the main list of crypto social networks (the banner is also on the website) and supplement the contacts of the groups in Telegram.

And by the way, I recommend removing from your Telegram all these unnecessary chats of ICO projects. Despite their desperate attraction of new participants, you will not find anything useful there. And those miserable pennies, which they sometimes really throw off in airdrops, you can not even withdraw because of the high levels of withrawal at stock exchanges. Therefore, do not even waste your time on them, let them work for themselves or at least pay before (like network Earn does) and not after the ICO creators will earn millions with your help.

Well, now you know one more secret of mine and understand where I’m getting the latest information on crypto social networks. But I still have many such secrets. Therefore, it is better to subscribe to my articles, this is a shorter way to information.

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