ToTheMoon of Decenturion

Do you know what “tothemoon” is? If you do not follow the news from the world of cryptocurrency or bitcoin, then most likely not. Moreover, this term has nothing to do with flying into space. But…

ToTheMoon – in the language of the crypto supporters means a rapid growth of something, transmits a positive dynamics of any process. This is what can be said today about the world’s first blockchain-state Decenturion, in which at the moment there are more than 300 thousand inhabitants.

The mere fact that at the second congress of Russian-speaking citizens of the state, which took place on September 13 in Moscow, was attended by 9 ambassadors of foreign countries – means a lot.

The world is now attentively looking to Decenturion, since everything that is happening here very soon will change the world and world order forever.

I am happy to work in this interesting project. If a few years ago I was asked: “In what company would you be interested to work?” I would probably answer that in Google. Because it is there that the person “seeing the future” Ray Kurzweil works, and because all the most advanced on the Earth things are being done there. Or maybe it would be interesting for me to work in any project of Elon Musk. I can not say exactly. I’ve been following the technology of the future for several years and have been working on the internet since 2003.

But today I understand that Google and Facebook are already Yesterday, and not Tomorrow, and Elon Musk is more a resident of Mars than of the Earth.

In my deep conviction, the most interesting thing on the planet now occurs in Decenturion. I will not say that everything that is given here without any difficulty, there are a lot obstacles on the way. But behind the project is the most powerful, the most creative, the most experienced and the largest team in the world. Each of 300 thousand inhabitants of Decenturion is a small motor of the future.

That is why I have no doubt that in the first blockchain-state the “tothemoon” period is raped and in my forthcoming articles and reports, I will definitely tell you more about it.

I’ll tell you about the situation with the acquisition of the island, about new start-ups (including the gravedigger of the SWIFT payment system). I’ll tell you about how all laws of the state are adopted with the help of electronic voting. And a lot of other interesting things. Subscribe to my news. I would subscribe to them myself if someone suggested to me it now)).

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