Whaleshares at my PR laboratory

Today we have a day of reviews. Every third day is a day of reviews on the Levelnaut.com website and this tradition has been going on for more than one year. Do you imagine how many crypto social networks have already been presented to your attention? And how much more have not been yet?

I know approximately what quantity of projects is being discussed. But this does not mean that it will be easy for me to make the next TOP10 on October 1. The competition among the participants is growing very much, especially recently.

However, I can easily review the current project. Crypto social network Whaleshares is a new project on the blockchain platform, but it is almost a complete copy of the well-known Steemit. Of course, Whaleshares has its own features and attributes, but if we talk about the functional and the classic elements of the crypto social network, then they are absolutely the same as in Steemit.

Here is the system of rewards, a system of curatorship and a coin, or better to say two coins. The first is called WLS, and the second is WHALESTAKE. But unlike Steemit there is so called MANA.

MANA is the percent of rewarding power your account has. Each time you share/reward a post or comment your MANA is reduced by 2 percent. MANA is recharged at a rate of 20 percent per day. MANA and WHALESTAKE are used to calculate your reward value.

Meanwhile it is not known whether there will be a system of boosterization on Whaleshares, but most likely it will be the same as on Steemit.

There is no referral program in this project, so just go to the website whaleshares.io and register. You can also subscribe to my account @borishaifa and then you will have the first reader, because I will subscribe to you in return and try to help you if there is such a need.

If you like the crypto social network Steemit, then you will also like Whaleshares and I wish you successful work with this project.

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