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I can not believe this! And all that despite the fact that I personally predicted the boom of crypto social networks two years ago. But it is one thing to predict, and quite another to participate in its development. If earlier I had difficulty selecting projects for my reviews, which I do every third day, now I have in line … at least two dozen new crypto social networks!

Do you imagine what a great TOP100 list we will have for work? On the other hand, now it is very difficult to choose the best project for presentation to you, dear readers.

After such a foreword, you understand that the crypto social network Dlike is a very promising service and now I will tell you about it a few words.

Dlike refers to the classic type of crypto social networks. There is everything here: the system of rewards, and the system of curatorship and, of course, Dlike coin. You can receive and withdraw it after the New Year, but accruals are already taking place today. This happens in the case when you share interesting information with other participants and they like it.

The rules of posting are all indicated in guidelines and there are not so many of them, therefore it is very easy to publish posts here. But there is one small mandatory condition – you must have an account on Steemit, as in Dlike you can get only with it.

This project does not yet have any boosters or upgrades, however it is possible that they will eventually appear. But the referral program is not present here and most likely will not be. So just go to Dlike.io through your account on Steemit, start sharing interesting information and earn Dlike tokens.

By the way, I will be be a regular user of this project and at least once a week I plan to do reviews of all the most useful materials that relate to the topic of crypto social networks. The best of those already selected by readers! It sounds tempting, does not it? You can do the same on other topics or just select something for yourself and for your blogs.

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