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There are questions that I do not answer. These questions I ask myself, and at the moment I have no answer for them. It is possible that all together, dear readers, we will try to do it.

My current question is: “Why in crypto social networks there are no services for the exchange of local tokens, local cryptocurrencies for others?” Such services are available in conventional platforms for cloud mining (Eobot) and even in usual faucets (Coinpot, Faucetcrypto etc.) but not in crypto networks.

Is it really so difficult to add a module to the website for the exchange? This could give serious additional income to any crypto social network.

In fairness, I must say that some crypto social networks have tried (and are currently trying to implement services for exchange (Contynet, Zonto etc.), but this does not work or it turns out not at all what is needed.

Hence, in this case there are some other, hidden reasons. I hope that we will find out.

There is another interesting question. It’s just a look on the other side of this problem. Why exchange services do not add elements of a crypto social network to their functionality? After all, it could significantly expand and strengthen a loyal audience. What’s the matter here?

And again, there are financial services, for example GBpay or Etoro, which have their own social network. However they are not ordinary exchangers, but rather, cryptobanks or trading platforms.

Certainly, this issue is important and it would be much more convenient for all of us to exchange the crypto currency inside the services where we work. Such an option would reduce our costs and vice versa, would increase the income of crypto social networks.

I would be interested to know your opinion on this issue and I will be happy with your comments.

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