Your Life Levels

You probably wonder what tools do I use in my work. I’m also interested in the websites and programs that you use on a daily basis. Therefore, today I propose to exchange this information and help each other to move to the next level.

As you know, first of all I use lists that have been created for several years on the website levelnaut.com. All these lists can be found on the banners in the sidebar of this website.

Naturally, every day I turn to the most important website for all users who are interested in cryptocurrency – this is coinmarketcap.com, without this it is impossible to work. If I need to calculate the bitcoin rate in fiat, then I turn to the calculator of the webpreev.com, it is the simplest and fastest of those that I know.

If I need to know the status of the account of my tokens on the basis of the blockchain etherium, then of course I go to deltabalances.github.io and check all the balances at once. Sometimes I look at etherscan.io to clarify the details of this or that token.

Since I work in the Decenturion blockchain state, I also check the DCNT exchange rate on the hitbtc.com every day – this is a good incentive for work.

About exchangers I will not tell anything, I use them depending on the need, but I check the new ICO on the website foundico.com, because there is a section – social networks. There are many other filters with which I track new projects, but I can tell about them in a separate article. But again, want to remind – if you want to get useful information about ICO or airdrops, you may just write these words in Search at levelnaut.com

In principle, that’s all, the main tools I called. I almost forgot, recently I found a website hive.one where you can find out the position of each user in the world of crypto currency. This is a kind of rating and very interesting service. Perhaps this is where you will see your name on the first page.

I hope that you will also share your tools with me and with other users and readers. With the help of your comments, I hope to significantly supplement and improve this list.

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