Where to search crypto networks?

Honestly, I do not know why you need this, because the fullest lists of all crypto social networks are already on the Levelnaut.com website and you just have to look at the banners that are placed on the main page of this website.

Nevertheless, many readers ask this question, I can not ignore it and even understand those who ask about it. It is very difficult sometimes to follow new projects, they now appear very often. Why go far? Even I myself take part in creating a new crypto social network and somehow I’ll tell you about it.

But today we are talking about something else. You ask about filters that I create in order to select new projects.

First, as I wrote to you yesterday, dear readers, I follow the ICO market and I have a huge collection of catalogs on my website that analyze the new ICO. But I am primarily interested in those in which there is a section of “social networks”, such as on foundico.com or others.

Secondly, I track over 2,000 Twitter accounts associated with this topic. By the way, you can add my account levelnaut1 (do not forget to add the number 1) and also be able to receive operational information.

Thirdly, I’m very actively using Search in my work. It is important to set the right search query. Mostly I use such as “new social network”, “crypto social network”, “new social media” etc.

It is very important to use the search tools correctly. Basically, I set it up by date and in Google, for example, I check out information every week. Also I regularly try to make such queries in the Search of crypto social networks Steemit, Golos and some others.

And of course, very often I get information from my friends and readers, among whom are developers, creators and owners of crypto social networks. Thus, as you see there are no special secrets.


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