In a few days we will have a new TOP10 of crypto social network and there will be a lot of changes, including the group of leaders. It’s not so much because of the bitcoin rates and other crypto currencies, but in the fact that a lot of interesting and powerful projects appeared on the market.

As I said recently, in the review queue I have already accumulated a few dozens of new crypto social networks. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that in the near future you will learn a lot of new information. However, some projects have already appeared in the main list of networks on the website.

One such project is the crypto social network Dmunity. In the FAQ, we can read the following: “… DMUNITY is the first Ethereum-based Social Media Curation Market – a social platform fueled by an economy. Users are rewarded tokens for posting and curating content relevant to the community…”

To tell the truth, Dmunity is far from being the first project created on the etherium platform, and it even has twins like Sapiens and some others. But this project has one key difference. Users here are rewarded not only for posting and curating, but also for the holding of a local coin called BGEN. At the moment, 1 DGEN is one upvote, that is, one positive response or like.

Thus, we are in the idea that Dmunity already has a system for rewarding users for activity and a system of curatorship. It’s too early to talk about the boosterization system, but it’s likely that someday it will also appear.

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