Crypto World today is very unstable. However, there has never been stability here. Crypto World is a very emotional field of activity and one who is just starting his journey should learn first of all such a thing as volatility.

Nevertheless, now the bitcoin rate is more or less within some specific limits, and I would be very happy if it never rose above 7K, but did not fall below 6.5K.

But today I want to remind you that there is another place where a steady progress occurs and where the economy, unlike Empowr, is under control. This place is the first blockchain-state Decenturion.

At first I wanted to make for you, dear readers, an overview of the latest news of this project, but then I changed my mind and decided to show you only the headlines from the official press releases published over the last week. And you will understand everything. And you will see in them a confirmation of everything I said above. Here they are:

– MSUMS, AvailCom, Diadem Network and UMC startups are entering the market of Decenturion;

– The Decenturion State has reached the planned indicators of attracting startups to the state economy;

– For startups: the possibility to attract the audience of users and resellers, as well as to raise funds without investing in the fundraising process and with a minimal financial loss;

– The Ambassador of Ghana to the Russian Federation, Ms. Oheneba: “The Decenturion State deserves respect”;

– Deng Feiji became the Minister of Trade of Decenturion in China;

– The Ministry of Education of Decenturion has launched the educational portal…

Of course, this is not all news and not all headlines. But even what I have already written is quite enough for a general understanding of the picture.

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