Two days are left before the new TOP10 crypto of social networks will appear, and in which will be very significant changes. According to my preliminary analysis, at least two of the participants of the past TOP10 this time will not get into it.

On the other hand, the core of the most interesting and reliable projects will be further strengthened and this time they will be real leaders. However, let’s wait two more days and proceed to review the next project for the TOP100 list on

This project is called Sitetalk and by its name we already understand that this is what we need. The main thing is not to confuse this website with Webtalk, a review of which I did last time. Although the names are similar, they are not twin-sites.

This crypto social network has a communication system and users can write posts in their news feed, share their thoughts. There is also a system of rewarding users for their activity and you can get points for participating in this project.

In addition, there are credits A, B and C, cashback, a large number of various prizes and even the mysterious Tombola, which I recommend reading immediately after the first visit to the site. In other words, here is a very serious system of rewarding and curatorship.

But at the moment, all these rewards are made in euros. We know many examples when the project began to work with fiat, and then switched to cryptocurrency, and it is quite possible that this is exactly the case.

If we talk about the booster system, then if you click on the Shop button, you will see the Star Club Membership. This is most likely the only booster so far, but it is quite possible that others will be added, and besides Paypal we will see cryptocurrency payment systems here.

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