Tomorrow Levelnaut will publish TOP10 crypto social networks for August 2018. But before this is done, I want to tell you about one important criterion that is taken into account when summarizing. This criterion can be called this way – the core of the community.

Due to the correct understanding of this important factor, good investors are better aware of the internal mechanisms that occur in the market of crypto social networks. If we talk about examples, now they are not at all embarrassed by the fact that the coin of the Empowr network fell in value from 8$ to 0,003$. Why? Because Empowr has a strong administration, a strong community and a strong core in this community. Naturally, this coin will grow in price like bitcoin several years ago, so for good investors this is a great time to purchase tokens.

Thus, we can talk about 3 types of crypto social networks, relative to the core of the community.

1 type. This is a social network, which has a strong core, a strong administration, and a strong community. Such projects include Decenturion, Steemit, Empowr, etc.

2 type. This is a social network, which has a strong administration, but a strong community has not yet formed. These projects include most crypto social networks that successfully passed the ICO stage and entered the profile market.

3 type. This is a social network, in which there is one poor webmaster who has to be in the role of Figaro and create the impression of work and administration, and stormy activity in the community itself. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find such a webmaster. For example, it is unlikely that you will be able to find out who is actually behind the social network of Contynet, despite the fact that the video on the site says that “network was created by 17 well-known marketers.” Do not believe in these tales, there are no marketers there, and there is no community or its core, despite the fact that the website is used by a certain number of people.

If you take into account this important factor, it becomes clear not only the mechanism of investment itself, but also the fact how safe it is to keep your funds, your investments in similar projects. In addition, as I said at the beginning of the article, this factor is taken into account when publishing the next TOP10 crypto social networks.

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