Crypto Networks. Top October, 2018

Today, October 1 and you, dear readers, already know what happens every first day of the month on the website Levelnaut. Yes, of course, you will get the new rating of crypto social networks.

All participants in this rating are divided into three groups. In this form, you have already seen the list before and we all have a good chance to see 50 projects the next time.

So, at first the rating itself and then a few comments to it.

Steemit, Minds, Trybe, Golos, Whaleshares, Dream-real, Scorum, Kuende, Sola, Weku

Empowr, Sapien, Alphabit, Akasha, Dmunity, Monoreto, Cryptosocial, All, Yours, Mpoom

Adzbuzz, Dlike, Webtalk, Onstellar, Scrypto, Xenzuu, Viuly, Somee, Peepeth, Infinityloop

As you can see, in this rating there are not so many new projects, but this does not mean that only a few new crypto social networks appeared during the reporting period. This fact suggests that it has become much more difficult to get into the group of leaders.

Today, it is possible only for the projects of “steemit category” , which appeared at once two in the top ten.

There are many interesting other observations, but they deserve separate articles and analyzes. Nevertheless, your comments will be very useful and they will help make the following ratings even more accurate.

And in conclusion I just want to remind you that all complete lists and additional information can be found by means of banners on the website in the sidebar on the right.


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2 thoughts on “Crypto Networks. Top October, 2018

  1. Thank you for the post! I agree with you that blockchain is a technology of future! And cryptocurrency is definitely money of future. I’m not sure it will be bitcoin (I just don’t believe in its future indeed). But there are other promising crypto coins. MGO token, for example.
    After the start of MobileGO and Xsolla’s cooperation the prospects of this altcoins became very good and promising.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You know, I would be satisfied with any scenario, but not fiat. People should have choice, so I don’t mind mentioned you tokens (why not?) but I am a fan of crypto network coins 😉

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