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Yesterday, the TOP10 October, 2018 of crypto social networks was published on Levelnaut.com, and in the first ten you could see a new participant – the Weku project. Most likely you, dear readers, have a question about how a new member immediately got into the TOP10?

But if you think well, then we already know such cases, it is enough to recall the crypto social network Whaleshares, which also belongs to the category steemit-networks.

By the way, there are already a lot of similar projects on the Internet and many crypto bloggers like it a lot. The more such crypto social networks, the greater chance of earning good money.

It makes no sense to describe in detail the Weku project, because it almost completely repeats the Steemit model and you will not find anything new here, except for the referral program.

Here is exactly the same system of userrewarding for activity and the system of curatorship. Weku has no booster system yet, but most likely it will appear soon. As you guessed, the coin here is also called Weku.

According to the roadmap of this project, ICO will be held in December 2018, so those who plan to seriously participate in the work should hurry up and strengthen their positions before the start of the ICO.

As I said above, unlike Steemit, Weku has its referral program, and if you have already decided to register, you can do it via the link https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=borishaifa right now.

I hope that you will also like this project and will be able to succeed seriously by working with it.

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