We have already spoken about this several times, but today there will be concrete examples. The well-known proverb says that you should not put all your eggs in one basket and we know for what reason. That is why it is so relevant for crypto networking, and if we speak even more precisely, for diversification.

By the way, this argument was decisive when I chose this particular business as the main one. After long experiments with mining, trading, and other activities in this field, I stopped on the crypto networking. In this business, I don’t worry about investing time, money and emotions.

Now about examples and at the same time why in my main list of crypto social networks (you can find it with the help of a banner on Levelnaut.com) 100 projects.

If we analyze the current situation, we see that at least 10 websites mentioned in this list do not work, or do not work at full capacity, for various reasons. This may be a reconstruction, improvement of functionality, transition to a new hosting, etc.

More specifically, these are such famous projects as Akasha, Alphabit, Galaktikka, Kaleostra, Socialx, Snovian, Soxax and some others. Why go far, even if Steemit during hardfork did not work at full capacity and it was impossible to publish posts there.

Can you imagine a situation when you would work in only one of these projects? Of course, this means loss and very often obscurity. In addition, a crypto social network is not a faucet, which admin can simply close and do not explain anything. To close the network – is much more difficult task. And this is an additional argument in favor of crypto networking.

One more thing. It is very interesting and not boring – to work in crypto social networks. Despite the general principles – they all differ among themselves, they have different users and you have different achievements there. Well, if you already have at least a thousand coins of each of the crypto networks, then this is already a serious business.

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