Care2Solve at my PR laboratory

I already wrote that in the main list of TOP100 crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website it becomes very crowded. Even projects Steemit-like are already more than a dozen, not saying about other websites. Therefore, in the near future, additional work will be carried out with this list to select the best ones, and special lists of TOP10 or even TOP50 will be created for freelancers and mobile crypto social networks.

It is for this reason that the competition in the main list is getting higher, and only the most interesting and promising projects get into my reviews.

One of such projects is the social network Care2Solve. This is a completely new crypto social network and its team is seriously working to ensure that users are comfortable, interesting and profitable here.

Let’s start with the last and talk about the benefits, as this is most likely the most interesting moment for you, dear readers. Care2Solve has its own coin, which is called C2S, which corresponds to the website name in abbreviated version. At first I wanted to talk about it myself, but then I changed my mind and decided to give you the definition that the website administration had given to it.

So, here we can read the following: “… CaretoSolve has introduced an internal token called C2S. All members who have 100% completed profile will receive 27 C2S Tokens. Members with completed profile or verified accounts will also receive 1 C2S Token per day for login to their accounts. Verified members will get 5 Tokens for each posted solution. Members can purchase solutions (that have a price tag) using C2S Tokens. Members can purchase C2S tokens using PayPal/Debit/Credit Card from their Home page… ”

As you can see, everything is clear and everything is very interesting. I also want to add that the website has a system of communication between users and most likely there will be a system of curatorship and busterization.

There is no referral program in CaretoSolve, but if you want, you can add my borishaifa profile as a friend and ask me your questions if you need any help. Even if I cannot help, I will ask the network administration about this, with which I have established good and friendly relations.

I wish you a pleasant and useful communication in the crypto social network and recommend not to waste time, and immediately start registering until thousands of other Internet users have learned about it.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and imoirtant information.

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6 thoughts on “Care2Solve at my PR laboratory

  1. Love to read what you take into your PR labs.
    I would love to see a Money Button ( here on your website which will help your readers show their support.
    Since you are write your articles for the English speaking readers too. It would be great if you use English translation for the Text Boxes in the comment section as well.

    Can you please take to your PR lab if possible. Because I’m unable to use it from India but very much eager to know how it works from a person like you.

    1. Thank you very much for your support and interest to the website. Sure, I will place MoneyButton when it is available (now they say – plugin for wordpress – coming soon). According to comments translation. Actually, there is a Google Translation widget at the sidebar, may be it could help, because it is hard to translate all the comments) I will help you with understanding too) About Nimses – it is in the line for review (among 20 other projects). Today I have changed the menu a little, so, now it will be easier with navigation. A little bit later I will also add the category “mobile crypto networks”. So hope, it will help too.

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