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If you have noticed, dear readers, there have been significant changes on the Levelnaut website. Now this site is called Crypto Social Networks, although it is on the same domain name. But that is not all.

Now you can see two menus here: main and sidebar, which have been created to improve navigation and work with the website in the whole.

Today will be done another important step to overcome the chaos that occurs in the crypto market of social networks. We will add the category “Mobile crypto social networks” to the menu mentioned above and you will be able to see all projects related to this topic right on this page of the website.

The fact is that some crypto social networks currently do not have their desktop version and do not even plan to launch it. I understand that it is difficult to predict how everything will be in the future and it cannot be said that nothing will change. We are well aware of the examples of Sola, Monoreto, and other crypto networks that were originally created as mobile, but then launched their desktop versions.

Of course, their popularity has only grown from this. But many projects are not interested in such a scenario – they still adhere to the mobile version only.

It is possible that this is due to focus exclusively on users of mobile gadgets, but maybe there are other reasons. For the time being, we will not understand this, but simply allocate a separate niche for this category of projects.

Now we will have such a classification – crypto social networks, crypto freelance and bounty projects, mobile crypto networks and a category of other websites for cryptocurrency earnings. All those websites that do not fit into these categories for any reason will be located in the category potential crypto social networks.

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