Crypto depression

This article is intended only for those who understand its title. If you do not understand what means this phrase, then further reading does not make sense. Do not waste time, better continue to go about your business. By the way, many of my friends are doing this, not understanding what I have been writing about for the last few years.

If you continue to read, I will tell you the following – I understand your condition very well. Sometimes I myself get in such a state. Sometimes I get scared for my time, money and life. But then I begin to calmly analyze and understand that I’m doing everything right way.

Why do banks and large financial institutions want us to look like crazy geeks or a separate group of inadequate idiots? Only for one reason – they do not want competitors, they are preparing everything to introduce the blockchain technology everywhere, to switch from fiat to crypto technologies and they don’t want someone to get underfoot exactly at this moment.

You need to be ready for the day when they declare that fiat does not exist anymore, but there is only the blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is the first thought that calms me down. This is exactly the case, that I have no doubt in. I do not watch news on TV, but I read them on the internet, on special websites devoted to new technologies.

When I realize this once again, I recall one of my own aphorisms, which sounds like this: “Failures are just an excellent reason to work more effectively”.

After that, my “crypto depression” disappears and I focus on what can be done to not only be very ready for changes in the future, but also to help my family, friends or even complete strangers.

On such days, I am not interested in cryptocurrency rates, the state of my account on the stock exchange or in the crypto social networks. I immediately recall that I didn’t say something very important, I didn’t share with you some interesting observations and everything falls into place. And then … Then – Show must go on!

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