I warned you about, dear readers, that such crypto social networks like Steemit will be many, didn’t I? Yes, I did. I warned you that after Trybe (Costa-Rica) there will be other national crypto social networks, didn’t I?? Yes, I did. In the near future I will make the next predictions for the future in this sphere of activity and I hope that they will also come true.

But today it’s not about that. Today we will discuss the Serey project which is also a national crypto social network in which users from all over the world can participate. I deliberately emphasize this point. Unlike Japanese Alis, which still can not launch the English version, in Cambodia immediately followed the path of openness and accessibility for the whole world. I think this is correct. And although, for example, Golos and Mpoom have not yet become international projects, such an option is provided there.

Serey.io, as I said, is an exact copy of Steemit, so there’s no point in talking about the functional. Here everything is the same – and the system of rewarding users for their activity, and the system of curatorship and everything else. As expected, the local coin is called Serey or abbreviated SRY.

Since this is still a completely new project, I have not yet found any boosters, trails or applications in it, but they will most likely appear in the future. As in Steemit, there is no referral program here, but this is not so important, because in such projects, emphasis is mainly placed on followers and the curatorship system.

Just want to say that Serey is not the last project from the Steemit category and I will continue to review such crypto social networks, but I will try to alternate them with other types of projects. Let me remind you that I now have over 20 new websites in the queue and I will gradually introduce you to them.

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