Referral program of Decenturion

Before I will tell you, dear readers, about the referral program of the world’s first blockchain-state Decenturion, I want to remind you that over 400 thousand people have already become its residents. In the very near future, this state will have its first island, whose inhabitants will be the first 20 thousand people.

The industry of this blockchain-state is formed by incomes from start-ups, there is already a huge number of them and any resident of the state can receive dividends from their activities for free.

And now a few words about the program itself. Unlike many crypto social networks built on the blockchain platform, this blockchain-state has its own referral program. This also means that every citizen of the country has its own trading platform and there is no need to go somewhere to exchange tokens. Everything can be done right in your account.

From now on, all new citizens in this state will also appear due to referral links or personal invitations of existing citizens.

In this country, you can get a job and I, for example, work there. Anyone can contact the Ministry of Labor and offer themselves as an employee. The email of all Decenturion Ministries is also listed on the homepage of any resident in the country.

If you work in Decenturion, or if you are an investor or an ambassador, then a multiplier will appear on your landing page. This means that all your income will be increased.

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