Dlike about cryptonetworks. Review 3

As usually, I’ll start a review of Dlike news from traditional social networks. Most likely, they will soon cease to exist. At least, Google has already announced the closure of the user version of the social network Google+. At such a move in the corporation have gone because of the scandal with the possible leakage of personal data 500 thousand users.

I do not think that Facebook will continue to exist, if at least it does not switch to blockchain technology.

While traditional social networks exist, we need to take the most from them.

User ekushya posted in category Market the following: “…Tips and strategies to boost your content marketing and grow your business. Set a goal.. Research and understand the audience.. Have a content marketing team.. Report and refine.. Helen Cartwright.. a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche…”

I also found an interesting post in a bustillo user who shared an article about a social network of a new type called BrainNet. He quotes the following: “… BrainNet allows collaborative problem-solving using direct brain-to-brain communication… The network, which they call BrainNet, allows a small group to play a collaborative Tetris-like game. “Our results raise the possibility of future brain-to-brain interfaces that enable cooperative problem-solving by humans using a ‘social network’ of connected brains…”

And what’s new in the crypto social network Steemit? Here is what iyanpol12 writes about this: “…Of course, with all these innovations, we’re about to be dominated by the technology. With those AIs and robots, they might take jobs of humans. With the driverless cars, I share the same sentiment. If human who has a brain is prone to errors, what more for these manmade creations?…”

I think you will also be interested in reading other materials shared by users of the Dlike crypto social network.


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