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We continue to improve the classification of crypto social networks on and now it will be much easier to do. I did not accidentally write “we”, because now not only a large community of readers of the website helps us, but also because Emin Imanov was added to its authors.

By the way, anyone can become the author of our website, all the information about it can be found using the appropriate banner on the website.

And now a few words about what will be new in the classification of crypto social networks. The next category we add will be Music and Art. This is due to the fact that a huge number of projects in this area have appeared.

This is not only a radio that pays its listeners for listening to music or news, but also other projects.

And now if you click the Music and Art menu button, you will go to this page and see the full list of sites in this area.

As an announcement, I want to announce that the next category added to the Levelnaut website will be Video and Photo. This will happen very soon. But if you subscribe to our site, then you will definitely not miss anything interesting.

Crypto Networks about Music and Art

*Red color tokens are listed in CoinCapMarket (BRO) (NOTES) (ELINK)
Poziturbo (VIB)

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