Time to build

It’s really funny when regulators, fiat supporters or bankers try to prove that cryptocurrency is not a serious deal but a hobby of a small group of geeks. It’s like that does not notice when the bird shit on your head. In this case, you just need to say that this is either not a bird or not shit. Either agree that it was a bird and shit, but the bird was very small. Agree that this is just an absurd.

Someone talks about depression in the cryptocurrency market. And this is also ridiculous, when more than 200 billion dollars officially spin in this market during the so called “depression period”.

Personally, this time I am very happy. I am happy with the fact that in the crypto world some kind of stability has come and you can safely build something of your own. The fact that it is necessary to build – in this I have no doubt. Because if I do not build, then some bank will build another branch in my area. In the meantime, these banks are only closing their branches, despite the “depression in the cryptocurrency market.”

Now another question – what build? You can participate in the construction of large projects such as Decenturion, Bitnation or other blockchain states or crypto social networks. This is a very promising business and this is the future.

You can strengthen your own position and your financial assets. If you spend a part of your life in a computer or smartphone, then why shouldn’t your money be there?

Turn off this stupid TV and disconnect for a while from those political shows that distract your attention and read some crypto news. Then you will learn that there are already cities where many shops and cafes accept cryptocurrency, and in some municipalities you can pay in this way all utility costs. And it is very convenient, and it is without intermediaries, and it is fast.

I agree – at the time when there was chaos in the cryptocurrency market, it was very difficult to make out anything. Of course, there are quite a few success stories, but there have been many more losses.

But now another time – the market has stabilized, which means that the most suitable time has come. Time to study cryptocurrency, and not to pretend that it does not exist. Time to strengthen your financial assets in the virtual world, so as not to overpay to banks. This is a great time – time to build.

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