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I have rarely been doing reviews of mobile crypto social networks lately, but only for the reason that over time these projects get a desktop version. But the website about which we will talk today is unlikely to have such a version soon.

Today, I will introduce you to a crypto social network called Pivot, which does not indicate its Chinese origin. Nevertheless, this is exactly the case, and in fact Pivot is a project of one of the largest crypto currency exchanges Binance.

We speak about mobile version due to the fact that in China there are still restrictions on cryptocurrency activities and the project creators have decided that this kind of interaction between users of the exchange will be more reliable.

What is attractive about this project? First of all, the fact that there are distributed a total of 4 bitcoins every day, which are divided into all participants. And users, in turn, must complete the minimum number of tasks, that is, view 20 articles published in the mobile application.

In other words, we can say that Pivot is first of all a faucet, and in the second is a social crypto network. However, if you evaluate the project more strictly, then there are all the necessary elements of a full-fledged crypto social network – the system of communication between users, the systemof curatorship, the busterization system and of course – its own coin, which is called Pivot.

In addition, Pivot provides many different contests, there are always some airdrops and giveaways and many other pleasant events. Therefore, I recommend to add this crypto social network to the list of mandatory for daily work.

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