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We have already spoken about this more than once, but today you will learn another secret that will help you to make a good promotion on the Internet.

We will not now talk about other services, platforms and websites, but let’s talk about how it happens on the website.

What do most users do when it comes to promotion? They use the website menu and find the “Services for Promotion” button there. That is right, and this is the way most people go.

But there are other users. They carefully study all the banners of the website and find there one that offers to become the author of the website. The page of this banner is here and it is here that anyone can find out how to become a part of the Levelnaut community.

When you try to spread information yourself – it is difficult, but when it does the community, the picture is completely different. Take also into account thу fact that administration of the project uses also paid methods of promotion.

But there is one, much more interesting opportunity. The fact is that by becoming the author of the website, you get the opportunity to create your personalized page and indicate there all your links (including referral) in unlimited quantity.

There are no mandatory publication deadlines on the website – you can publish posts once a week or once a month. That you should be interested in the frequency of publications. Why? Because after each of your publications, in your signature to the article you place a link … to your personal page, where all your links are located! And if what you have written about is interesting to users, they will definitely visit your page.

But this is not all. The Levelnaut website has another banner called the Crypto Socio Groups, where you can find a huge number of crypto social groups in which you can place almost any number of links to your articles, as well as comments to them, completely free of charge.

In my opinion – this is the most effective way of promotion, for which you do not need to pay money.

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