Dlike about crypto networks. Review 4

This is the fourth review of articles and posts that users share in the crypto of the Dlike social network. The most interesting thing is that when I do these reviews I always find some interesting and useful information for myself. Thanks to this information, I even published one of my new projects in the social network Fundition. But I will tell about it a little later.

Today we will start with the review of the Minds social network, it was made by the user cryptobitcoinpro. He told about all the main elements of this crypto social network and even wrote about how to create your own channel. About the channel, he writes the following: “… The Minds channel is your profile and your homepage on the website. Be anonymous if you want. Minds does not require any personal information to be published. You will be asked to enter a valid email address, but this is optional…”

User ankarlie in his article “ReddID and Tipping Application” also tells a lot of interesting and useful things. I am sure that you will be interested in the Reddit application to the Chrome browser – ReddID Public Release, which includes the following instructions:

“…Features Include:
– Register your own unique “ReddID” name
– Link your “ReddID” to your own account on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more – social networks.
– Ongoing addition of new sites, open source software and plugins for web devs.
– Send tips to “ReddID” users with a single button click.
– Invite your friends to join the “ReddID” revolution.
– ReddID Tipping System – now with one-click install and update through Google – – Play Store as an Extension.
– Hold your RDD in a light browser wallet, no more waiting for blockchain sync.
Search other ReddID users by name and follow tipping activity across the web…”

And one more interesting thing in the end. The user future24 in his post “The next weekly Dlike Token payout for SP Delegators …” shares with users very interesting information about Steemit. He writes the following: “…Hi Steemians, yesterday was the next payout for all sponsors of the dlike.io platform who delegated SP (Steem Power) to the official @dlike account and another 280000 + 5% beneficiary rewards were distributed…”

From another post of future24, I learned about a huge number of Steemit applications and in one of them, called Fundition, I published my new project of a crypto social network called BrainPans.


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