Weyoume at my PR laboratory

What is Weyoume? In short, this is a Steemit-like crypto social network. It is obvious. But at the same time, I would even like to make one small clarification in the definition. In my opinion, Weyoume is an attempt to do something new with the help of the Steemit platform functionality.

Even in main page, this project is slightly different from the whole group of social networks like Steemit. At first glance, even familiar elements were not immediately captured. But then if you take a closer look, you will see all the features that knows perfectly well every Steemian.

In the social network Weyoume you will find all the classic elements – a system of rewarding users for their activity, a system of curatorship and coins, which are here called TME and TSD. It’s funny that, in the wallet, TME coin has even Steemit logo.

I do not know how well the Weyoume functionality will work, but I like this arrangement of buttons and modules more than that of Steemit. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for a long time I want something new. In any case, Weyoume immediately evokes some vague sympathy.

Naturally, over time, boosters and additional applications will appear in this project, but for now the alpha version is being tested, the core of active users is being formed and, of course, bugs are eliminated. I advise you not to worry about them too much, as they are gradually fixed, which indicates a fairly strong development team.

As expected, Weyoume does not have its own referral program, but if you want, you can register via this link https://alpha.weyoume.io/i/@borishaifa and then I will subscribe to your updates.

I hope you enjoy this crypto social network and gladly add this project to the TOP100 main list on the Levelnaut website. I wish you good luck in Weyoume!

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