Crypto Creativity of Desarte

If you are a crypto enthusiast, then it will be interesting to you. But who else reads my articles except crypto fans, except people who believe in a crypto, in cryptocurrency and in blockchain?

Today I will tell you about one interesting group of creative people working in the field of art, who promote cryptocurrency. We mainly discuss projects that promote bitcoin or ethereum, but today we will speak about one coin, which was created on the Waves platform.

It seems to me that we in vain forget about the possibilities offered by Waves and today’s post is proof of my statement.

It is about the Desarte project and those who speak Spanish can read more about this on the website where everything is described. And for all other readers, I will tell a few words myself, and then I will give a link to the forum, where there is an English version.

So, besides the fact that the members of the Desarte group are engaged in creative work, they also promote the democratization of the economy and even created their own coin, which is called GoldenCloud2 (GCT2) and its own pool of this coin.

“… In Grupo Desarte ( we propose a model called “Customer / Producer Model”, developed by the founder of Grupo Desarte, based on self-management and the ability of people to build their environment, based on three action plans:

Cooperation and Self-management.
Efficiency and sustainability
Ecological responsibility present and future.
The company that we intend to build from GRUPO DESARTE is the one where the greatest assets are Creativity and Innovation… ”

There you can read many more interesting things, but the main idea is that creative people – artists, designers, graphics, photographers, etc. are also trying to make a contribution to the crypto movement. By the way, for those who are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, I would recommend to pay close attention to this group of enthusiasts and their project.

In my opinion, the more such people and such groups are, the faster our crypto dreams will come true. That is why I believe that all of us, who write about cryptocurrency and blockchain should tell about such people.

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