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We continue to update the list of crypto social networks at website and add new participants to it. If you think that there is nothing to add, then you are deeply mistaken. There are a lot of new projects and I do not think that they will cease to appear in the near future.

By the way, in a week this month will end and you will get a new TOP10 of the best crypto social networks for this period. A surprise awaits you in this list, as it will be headed by the project, which has never been in first place in our ratings.

What about MarketHive? First of all, I want to say that this is not an ordinary crypto social network, which is built on the blockchain platform.

The fact is that CEO MarketHive Thomas Prendergast belongs to the most experienced part of marketers, that is why the website has such a name. In addition, it combines all the recognizable features of classic marketing projects and a new crypto social entity.

Therefore, the main category of users of the project is not teenagers, but people who have serious experience in sales, in earnings on the Internet and, of course, in marketing.

But otherwise, everything is as usual here, and all the necessary elements are present here – the system of rewarding users for their activity, the curatorship system, the busterization system (Entrepreneur level) and its own coin, called MHV.

A large number of engineers work in this project and every day something is improved in its functionality. In addition, MarketHive has its own referral program and if you register via the link we will be in the same team.

One of the main mottos of the project is the slogan “From the Social Network to the Merketing Network” and it says a lot to understand the project. In order to successfully start, you first need to carefully figure out how everything is arranged here. But I am sure that you will succeed in that and in MarketHive in the whole.

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