Soxax at my PR laboratory

I usually tell you, dear readers, about crypto social networks that are already active in the market. But due to the fact that the post “Secrets and communication” appeared on, I am ready to share with you some new secrets.

First, I will tell about absolutely new social network crypto, and a little later I will write a post about one of the “secret lottery” that appeared just yesterday in one website. So carefully follow my publications, they will have a lot of interesting things in the near future.

So, today we have a review of a new crypto social network called Soxax. This project is still so fresh that not even all the functional elements work here. But who will be the engine of this project? We, users.

Suffice it to recall that only a week ago I wrote about the almost the same new Weyoume network, and today this is a full-fledged website with excellent prospects. I think they will be no worse than Steemit.

What can be found on Soxax today? Watch the video that is behind the Explore menu buttons and you will understand a lot. This will be the usual, classic decentralized crypto social network.

There will be everything and the system of rewarding users for their activity, and the system of curatorship (it is already partially in place), and the system of boosterization, and of course the coin, which is called Soxax.

I do not know why, but it seems to me that this will be a good project. It is possible that this feeling appeared after viewing and familiarizing with hundreds of other crypto social networks. Therefore, I just want to wish good luck to Soxax and to all of you, dear readers, in this crypto social network.

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