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More to the point, this crypto social network is called and today I’ll tell you a little about it.

File resembles Supload or Imgur. But in Supload there is no possibility to attach the text of the post to the image, and in Imgur there is present such an opportunity, but so far there is not even a coin that you can get for your actions.

In other words, File is a photo stock, with additional features. I would even just call this network a faucet with the possibility of communication. But unlike the usual faucet, here you will not receive coins just for placing a photo and writing a text to it. It is necessary that someone will look and approv it by means of like.

And here we come to the most interesting point. The situation turns out to be as follows – we have a network where there is a communication system, a system of rewarding users for their activity and a curatorship system. This project does not yet have boosters and its own coin, but we know that creating boosters and coins is a very common and simple matter today. And meanwhile Satoshis, which eventually turn into bitcoins, are also suitable for us.

In other words, this is a completely ordinary crypto social network that legally takes its place in the TOP100 list on and has pretty good prospects for development.

There are several other interesting features here and I think that you will enjoy this crypto social network, it is easy and pleasant to work here. Therefore, you can start your acquaintance with this project right now.

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