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This is not such an easy task as you think – to select the most interesting of the most interesting. Nevertheless, this is already the sixth review of the best materials on the topic of “network” in the Dlike crypto social network.

As usual, I choose only three articles and now you will know what they are about.

The first post shared user sanhtun. The title of this post is quite loud: “How to join the biggest cryptos? FuturoCoin explains – Bitcoinist.com” In order for you to understand what is at stake here, I will quote the introduction: “… Nowadays, most of new cryptocurrencies are created in the process of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which helps their developers to gather money needed for the development. Unfortunately, after more or less successful ICO, the projects get quiet. Despite these facts, there are still pearls in the sea. FuturoCoin is one of them… ”

Well, everyone can have his own opinion. For example, I am not at all sure that FuturoCoin is a “pearl”, but there are other interesting points in the article, therefore I recommend to get acquainted with it.

In the second post “Bit.Tube — Smoke”, the user sellergenius tells about the new crypto social network Bit.Tube on the pages of another network – Smoke. The post is written in Spanish, but you can either use the online translator, or just open the project website and you will understand everything.

I just want to remind you that Bit.Tube is already in the list of Photo and Video crypto networks on the Levelnaut website.

And since we started talking about this project, then it makes sense to you to get acquainted with the article of the user Emin90, who recently became one of the authors of the Levelnaut.com website. The post is called “Emin Imanov – Crypto Social Networks”. This is what the author writes: “…My name is Emin Imanov, I am one of the authors of Levelnaut.com. I work in the construction field of PTW Coordinator, but at the university I studied as a journalist, but I don’t work in my specialty. I was inspired by the idea of ​​blogging on this site because I believe in the prospects…”

And on this subject, I also have one comment. As the author of the Levelnaut website, Emin got an excellent promotional page with all necessary referral links and you can see what it looks like if you follow the link in this article. In addition, all the authors of Levelnaut have the opportunity to teach in the new online School of Crypto Blogging (in all languages), which I described in my previous post.

Some more useful links to the topic

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