Smoke at my PR laboratory

No, I do not urge you to smoke in my PR kitchen. We’ll just talk today about a crypto social network called Smoke.

First of all, it is necessary to say that this project can be categorized as Steemit-like, but this concerns only the functionality of the website. At this similarity ends and you can talk about the differences.

Honestly, when I first got acquainted with this project – at that moment when it was first represented at ICO, I thought it was a joke. I did not even understand how to implement such an idea.

But as it turned out, today on the social crypto networks market – anything is possible. And after marijuana smoking was recognized as legal in many countries, such a project already looks quite ordinary.

By the way, there are all the classic elements of the crypto social network – the system of rewarding users for their activity, the curatorship system and its own coin, which, as you guessed, is called SMOKE.

Since this network is quite new, I have not yet found any boosters in it, but they will most likely appear in the near future.

A little annoying is the fact that almost all posts published here concern the topic of smoking marijuana, and I think the creators and developers of the Smoke network should pay attention to this, develop other areas, categories and ideas.

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