Today is November 1, 2018. I congratulate you, dear readers, on the beginning of the new month and want to remind you that every first day of each month we sum up the events of the past one. As a result, the next TOP10 appears and today I am ready to present it to your attention.

As usual, after submitting the list, I will make some very short comments. But at once I want to say that now there are a lot of very good and high-quality projects on the market. Therefore, choosing the best of them becomes more and more difficult task.

Nevertheless, the list Top10 November, 2018 looks like this:


As you can see, this Top10 crypto social network Trybe is at the head. Despite the hacker attacks, the project developers not only saved all the data, but also significantly improved the functionality of the network. Great job, guys, show must go on!

By the way. I really hope that the developers of the project Alphabit, which works on the same platform, will complete the maintenance works and return to the market in the very near future. I would also like to see Dimunity, Gab and other projects in the main list at

Steem continues its expansion and is actively introducing new applications, implementing new ideas. But Steem is Steem and other actions we simply do not expect from the market leader.

Minds also continues to increase turnover, receive large additional financial investments and… take users from Facebook and other traditional networks. I really hope that the Minds coin will strengthen its position on the stock exchanges and become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the very near future.

We can talk a lot and for a long time about the rest of the Top10 participants and even about those projects that were not included in this list. But I want to say only one thing.

I want to thank all the developers and creators, all the crypto social networking teams for the huge and very important work that they do. You guys can’t even imagine what role you are playing today in the development of society.

After one or two months, our online Crypto Blogging School Tagium will begin its active work and a huge number of new crypto bloggers will come to your projects, who will deliver quality content and thereby also develop our human society.

Once again, I congratulate you all and wish us all a great success in the crypto social networks of the Internet!


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