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I know it very well. I know how nice it is to get good news at the very beginning of the day. After that, the whole day passes positively and all problems are solved. That is why in this little post you will find some good news for all those who participate in crypto social networks: for readers, for bloggers, for creators and for developers.

To begin with, yesterday I received tremendous support from representatives of the crypto world. Now I mean the project of an international online school of crypto blogging.

On the one hand, this is not surprising. After all, almost all crypto social networks, all projects need high-quality, unique content. Therefore, there are a lot of interested people.

On the other hand, your support means a lot to our group, for the small team that started working on the project. Now I will not share all the insider information, because it is simply impossible to do in one article.

Let me just say that the idea is being developed very actively and test classes in school will be held this month, and by the end of the year the project will be fully operational. At the beginning of next year, we plan to participate in the ICO, but there will be another information about it.

In the final version, the international online school of crypto blogging will work on the system 24/7/12, that is, practically without breaks, in all actively used Internet languages. About payment. It will be not more than… 10$ per month (or in cryptocurrency equivalent), and classes in the classroom (optional) will be available every day at any convenient time and in the appropriate language.

This is all that I can share for today. We invite experienced crypto bloggers, who are familiar with the topic of crypto social networks, to cooperate with us. For a start, you can become the authors of the website (find the banner where it is offered on the website) and gradually you will be involved into the work over the project.

We plan to open branches of the school in all crypto social networks that are listed in the main list TOP100 on the Levelnaut website. In other words, we will help in the work of all crypto social networks, and hence the entire advanced part of human society. I hope that this was good news for everyone who read this post.

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