VTOS at my PR laboratory

Today, I will continue my marathon of crypto social networks reviews. By tradition, every third day I have been doing exactly this for more than a year. You can imagine, dear readers, how many reviews have already been done. And I can not imagine how many reviews I have yet to do. But I am not complaining, but on the contrary I am glad and you know why.

Today, at my PR laboratory, a crypto social network called VTOS. This is a “classic” project, which is built on the blockchain platform.

The creators themselves give it the following definition: “… VTOS is a decentralized CDN & social network built in an infrastructure which embraces the full application of blockchain technology”. If you are unfamiliar words CDN (content delivery network), they say that some users create content here, and other users get acquainted with it.

The monetization here says the following: “…Users and content creators will get rewarded for every action they make in the VTOS platform, this will be a great incentive for users to have a continuous activity on our platform….”

In other words, the system of reward users for activity is present here. There is also a system of communication (you can subscribe and receive subscribers), there is a system of curatorship and there is a coin.

By the way, in three days the ICO of this project will end, during which 330 million tokens will be distributed.

Also an interesting fact is that VTOS allows you to download not only textual, but also video content. Summing up my short review, I want to say that this project is very promising and I recommend paying attention to it at the very beginning stage of its development.

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