New levelnauts

Maybe some of you have already read my book “New Year – Every Three Months”, which was written about levelnauts. It tells about people of high internal organization, who move from one to another level of their life, each time going up to a higher level.

But today I would like to talk about who are “new levelnauts”. In short, these are the same usual levelnauts, which, among other things, try every time to move to a new level in the crypto social networks of the Internet.

In a sense, this is reminiscent of the modern Chinese social reputation system, but I do not think this is a bad public invention. And if we are supporters of decentralization, then our internal organization takes on much greater significance.

However, everything I am writing about is also not something fundamentally new. All of you already know quite well what is “reputation” and who is “influencer” in crypto social networks.

Another thing – do you like all this or not? I propose to treat this not as an element of difference between people, but as a tool for improving the quality of personal life. In this case – everything immediately falls into place. We do not impose our own rules on the game to anyone, but deal only with self-development.

To some of you it may seem strange and incomprehensible everything that I am writing about right now. But believe me, when the time comes for quantum computers, artificial intelligence and singularity, all this terms and concepts will be very relevant.

By the way, do you think this does not concern us? Do you think that this is all very far in the future? In that case, I have to disappoint you. This time has almost come, but we have just not felt it yet.

PS. Link to the book: “New Year – every three months”


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