Crypto network of adfans

I have a million ideas. At least, I know for sure that I can present a million new ideas to the world, if necessary. I can easily generate these ideas with the help of the game Random Tags, which I also invented myself.

I will teach you to play this game. If not all of you, then at least those who will attend the school of crypto blogging “Tagium”, which will soon begin its work. By the way, one of these ideas was the term “levelnauts”, which I wrote about in my last post, and to which a special website is now devoted.

But today I do not want to talk about it. Since lately my main passion is crypto social networks, I will continue to acquaint you with new ideas that are on this topic.

One of these ideas is the “crypto network for people, aho p[lace their ads in internet”. In English, this term can be called anything you like – AdAdders or AdFans, this is up to you.

And now I will tell you what the meaning of this project will be. To begin, let’s answer the question of who comes to the platforms and websites where ads are placed? These are mainly users who need to urgently sell a product or receive (provide) a service. There do not go people who want to read something interesting, learn something new, share some special knowledge or unique information.

And if you expand the scope of ads to the size of a post in a crypto social network? For example, if you tell the history of the purchase of the car and why this particular model, this particular product was special for you? If you tell in more detail about what Persian cats are smart and give a couple of examples from the life of your own pet (with photos) before offering kittens? If you talk about the success of your students or special methods of teaching, before offering private lessons in music or mathematics? If these posts add as many as possible their own illustrations?

Then we will get a very interesting project that will be much bigger and more interesting than a regular bulletin or adboard. I am sure that the results of the proposals will be completely different.

I think you have already begun to understand what I am talking about and you even have your own ideas about how to improve such a project. Well, that’s just great. All I have to do is just to add a few words. You can place all your ideas at crypto social network Fundition, and you can learn more about the crypto blogging at online school Tagium on

I started this post by saying that I have a million ideas. So, it was just one of them.


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