To Hackers and Pseudo Hackers

I will not explain the reasons for writing this post. They are not so important.

This post is adrressed first of all not to hackers, but to pseudo hackers. That means it is addressed to that morons, that think they are hackers. Because real hackers don’t even think about such stupid things.

So the kindly request is to all of them – Please, don’t touch crypto social networks! Don’t even think about them at least a few nearest years.

I will not explain you details. I try not to spend much time communicating wit idiots.

If you are really so stupid jerks, so ask your more experienced friends and colleagues.

Id you are interested in my recommendations – so take as much care as you can in order to help this market to form.

And now a few words to real hackers. You, guys, understand perfectly well what am I talking about. I hope you will explain to some not adequate schoolboys what their mistake is.

Thank you for understanding.

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