Today, according to the plan, we have the next review and the next social network. If you noticed, I did not write the word “crypto”, but I think it is not so important. In the end, many of the traditional social networks have become crypto, and we are well aware of this.

On the other hand, the Woddal project is very promising in my opinion, and replacing POINTS with some token is not such a difficult task if the project has good developers. In Woddal they are and it becomes obvious even after the first acquaintance with the website.

In addition, there are all the other elements that are typical of the usual crypto currency network. First of all, there is a rather interesting system of rewarding users for their activity. POINTS can be obtained for the following actions:

– 10 POINTS per comment left;
– 15 POINTS for creating a new post;
– 5 POINTS per reaction (emoticon) to the post.

Then all the accumulated POINTS automatically go into your wallet, where they are converted into dollars. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to withdraw dollars, they can only be sent to another user or used for advertising. POINTS can also be spent on the market, and all this reminds us of the analogous system of Empowr and some other crypto social networks.

I want to remind you that many well-known projects, including Steemit, did not immediately pay the earned tokens to network users. Most likely, in the near future, Woddal will create a coin and then will start an ICO.

As you already understood, the curatorship system is already actively working here, as well as the boosterization system, and you can make your PRO account at any time.

On the Woddal website, you can find a lot of other interesting things and I recommend joining this project now, before it turns into a powerful crypto social network. And such an opportunity for Woddal in my opinion exists.

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