Tomorrow, dear readers, I will tell you about the new blockchain-state and this will not be Decenturion, although interesting events also take place there. And today, according to our plan, we have the following review of news with the “network” tag, which were published in the crypto social network Dlike. I just want to remind once again that the best of what users themselves select is published here.

So, in the article “Are Decentralized Social Networks the Only Hope for Free Speech?” chesatochi writes: “…Fortunately, blockchain technology is giving us a chance to hit the reset button on this grand cyber social experiment we call the Internet. New platforms like Steemit, Minds, and BitTube are emerging as decentralized alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Their operating model is simple; a social network free of censorship, where users can monetize their content by earning cryptocurrencies when people upvote their posts… ”

Here, as they say, there is nothing to add, everything is said in one important fragment. But this is not a complete list of crypto social networks. The most comprehensive catalog, as you already know, is on and we easily find it there with a banner.

As proof of my words, the user chesatochi in the article “Smoke IO – The MMJ Smokers Network” recalls the new crypto of the social network and writes this: “…A New Social network. Looks just like the Steemit platform does, but is dedicated to 420 content :)… ”

To this I want to add that Smoke is rapidly gaining the popularity of users. By the way, for one of my reviews of this network, I received more than a hundred Smoke coins (if you are interested, of course).

And one more quote, since for these reviews I select only the three most interesting posts. Wrote this article about the new network Initiative Q user ekushya. He (or she?) says that “…A modern payment network that will aggregate the best tech to make a new global currency. Overcoming the adoption barrier by offering free Q…”

I do not know how much this all corresponds to the validity, but just in case, I also registered in this project and now even my referral link as evidence. There are many surprises on the Internet. And by the way, next week you will receive a very interesting surprise – a contest from me and coins from various crypto social networks.


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