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Immediately some good news reported blocchain-state information center Decenturion. There have been several important updates and the first one concerns the Ministry of Education. A few days ago a new minister was appointed there.

Now this department is headed by Yuri Mikityuk, Bachelor of Theology, Candidate of Technical Sciences. Prior to his appointment, he was an expert at the ministry responsible for methodological work and the compiler of courses and programs.

As Minister of Education, Yuriy Mikityuk will develop a higher education system and accelerate the opening of the University of Decentralization, which will bring education to a new level using interactive and other modern teaching methods.
but that’s not all the positive news today.

Starting from November 6, 2018, all citizens of Decenturion got access to the option of transferring tokens between accounts without any commission (gas). Innovations apply to all types of tokens, except for the DCNT passport, which is used as proof of citizenship.

As soon as you log into your personal account in the “My Tokens” section, you can find the “Send Tokens” button that appeared before each digital asset. After clicking on it in the window that appears, you must specify the following:

Surely, you liked this news even if you still have not yet become a citizen of the state of Decenturion. By the way, perhaps now is the most suitable opportunity to get acquainted with this information. It’s time to get acquainted with this information 2018/10 / decenturion-statisctics / and get citizenship Decenturion at a discount.

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